New Uses For Computers: Embedded Systems Change Lives and Provide Opportunites

Computer systems and hardware that are dedicated to handling a specific function or set of functions are becoming more pervasive in the products that are so important in everyday life. These embedded systems play an important role in a wide range of electronics including televisions, iPods, smart phones, tablets, medical devices, home appliances and printers. This type of technology is now integral to the future of innovative technological design. For this reason there are increasingly more young high tech enthusiasts looking to this industry for jobs as well as young entrepreneurs that are looking to make their fortune.

Changing the way we live
One of the ways dedicated system technology is drastically changing the lives of millions of people is in the way we shop. An example of this would be RedBox. Fast food chains and grocery stores are providing these shopping devises to customers to speed up the shopping experience process. The device has a touch screen with images that automates the entire process. The shopper simply touches the item they want and swipes their credit card. This highly user friendly gadget provides a fast and convenient way to shop. Other current and potential uses for products using embedded systems are unlimited. To see more examples of embedded systems click here.

Available Training and Creative Ideas Being Worked On
Because of the explosive opportunity in this sector, there are numerous schools and organizations that are providing training for those desiring to enter it. Some offer various career oriented courses with hands-on training on embedded systems as well as artificial intelligence and mobile robotics. Some of the organizations providing hands on training are having student work on creative projects that incorporate embedded systems technology. Listed below are a few examples:
• Pedestrian Navigation System utilizing Fall Detection and Energy Output Calculation
• Intelligent Irrigation System for Urban Areas
• Wearable Device that Records Bio-potentials and Body Movements
Potential Growth of Embedded Professionals
Currently there are approximately 60,000 professionals working in this industry but some analysts are projecting that figure to increase by ten-fold by the year 2015. By that time the industry is expected to reach $360 billion in terms of devices using some sort of embedded system. Needless to say, the potential of this industry and the potential opportunities it will provide are staggering.


Innovation Oriented Entrepreneurs

While some entrepreneurs don’t want to reinvent the wheel and tend to gravitate toward traditional business opportunities promoting established products, there is a new generation of young high tech entrepreneurs who love thinking outside the box. For them, the challenge of changing age old methods of doing things is an adrenalin rush that is irresistible. This desire to create disruptive products along with a technological aptitude and associated skill sets makes the embedded space look very attractive.
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